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At Gateway Land & Wildlife we offer many services to help our customers maximize their investment. We take pride in providing our customers with top notch services and treating your land as if it were our own. We focus primarily on clients in the Midwest. If you have any questions on services you don't see listed don't hesitate to contact us and ask further questions!

Food Plots

Food Plots are a huge part in being successful in the whitetail woods. Food plots will differ on every farm. They all have their impact whether they are fall or late season plots. Sometimes food plots require thinking outside of the box when it comes to design or even just making them work with the weather mother nature throws at you. We offer anything from clover to corn or what will best fit your property.

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Management Plans

We offer different management plans for the customers who are wanting us to help design their farms. Whether that is by doing a consultation and providing a step by step plan of action or having us come in and be hands on throughout the process. This can be a very effective benefit for those that are wanting to take their farm to the next level. Check out the Management Tab or contact us to learn more!

Brush Clearing

We don't just offer wildlife practices. If you are just needing timber undergrowth cleaned up, food plot areas opened up, fence rows, or brush cleared we can handle it. We can brush hog pastures or trails as well as small tree removal. Our goal is to help clean up your property as you see fit. 

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Habitat Management

Habitat management plays a huge role in being successful in the whitetail and turkey woods. Timber Stand Improvement can play a big role in keeping those mature whitetails on your property. It creates good bedding opportunities while also providing forage. Another form of habitat that can be very successful is establishing native grasses such as Switchgrass, Big Bluestem, and Indian grass. These all create great bedding for whitetails as well as upland game birds. Prescribed burns can also be very helpful when it comes to getting the most out of your habitat.

Tree Stands/Trail Cameras

Tree stands and trail cameras are only as effective as the location they are put in. We offer hanging stands and getting them in the best possible location for you to be successful. We also offer helping set out and running trail cameras. This could especially help those that do not live close to their property but need to know when its go time!

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Trail Systems

Trail Systems are much more important than one might think. They offer effective access through out your farm all year round. They make it much easier to travel in a side by side or moving equipment from plot to plot. Not only do they work for easy access to and from tree stands or blinds, the wildlife will use them as well. Deer love to use the path of least resistance and thats exactly what trails provide. They can help deer be more predictable as well as provide a great place for those spring turkeys to strut.

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