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This page goes a little more in depth on management and consultations that we provide. This will vary based on every customers situation. Contact us to get started on your personal consultation or management plan! 

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We provide Consultations for customers that have goals for their farms. When doing a consultation we can provide a written plan of action or help by being hands on working with the landowner. Consultations can happen one of two ways. We can come walk the property with the landowner to get the best idea of what needs to happen going forward and get a written plan drawn up for the owner. Or we can give you plan of action based on maps and speaking with landowner over the phone. 

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Written Consultation

With doing a written consultation we will not be hands on for the projects themselves. This would work well for the customers wanting to do the work themselves. We will provide a step by step plan for the desired outcome of the landowner. This can consist of food plot locations, planting dates, seeding/fertilizer rates. We will stay in touch with the landowner through this period of time to keep up on the process. 


Hands on Management

This will consist of us doing a consultation, but then being hands on doing the work through the process. Every plan will be different as every farm is different. Our management plans can be anywhere from just a 1 year plan to a long term year after year management plan. This will consist of putting food plots in, running trail cameras, hanging stands, managing for age structure in the deer heard, establishing habitat, prescribed burns, etc. 

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